My journey with furniture and woodworking started back in 2000 while I was in the middle of getting my BFA in Interior Architecture from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. It was here where I learned the fundamentals of design and began to learn the craft of woodworking. My thesis work on furniture design allowed me to immerse myself into this field and find great satisfaction in taking what once lived only as an idea in my head and transforming it into a three-dimensional and functional form. 

After graduating, I soon realized that my furniture would benefit from a stronger knowledge and skill set in fine woodworking. I found the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, CA - or maybe it really found me. I spent two years here learning, developing my skills, and seeing, understanding, and appreciating the material that I work with in a new way. 

Once I finished the program in Fort Bragg I decided to stay in California and move down the coast to the Bay Area. Here I've set up shop in Oakland looking for opportunities to design and build custom and small/limited production pieces of furniture.




"Wood contains so much inspiration and beauty and rhythm that if used properly it would result in an individual, a unique object."         James Krenov